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    • 23 March 2019
    • 27 March 2019 11:00 PM Until 02:00 AM
      Ground Personnel Training
      This is mandatory for all 5th SFG Members. 1st FW Ground personnel are welcome to join.
    • 29 March 2019
      Instructors and Students are expected to log in to the server with all mods updated and TFAR activated. ACC training briefing will begin promptly at 1910EST.
      1FW Students:  Your instructor may have more than one flying event this evening, be respectful of your IP's time. (ACC Pilot Progression Guide, Important Documents, Fixed Wing Academics,  Radio Comm Guide)
      IFS - Introductory Flight Screening: Basic Principles of Flight (Startup, Taxi, Takeoff, Patterns, Touch and Go's)
      SUPT - Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training SUPT Manual  
      MQT - Mission Qualification Training
      MQC - Mission Qualification Checkride
      SP - Student Pilot
      IP - Instructor Pilot
      5th SFG Students: Be professional. Be mature. Be prepared. Review these documents before training: (HERE)
      Instructors:  If there is a specific SP you wish to fly with, add a comment below. Also, contact your student as early as you can in the week to establish a game plan for the evening.
    • 30 March 2019
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