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Air Medal: Davies

Air Medal

Captain B. Davies

During Operation Corkscrew on 26Jan2019, Captain B. Davies, lead a 2-ship of F-15C''s, personally had 2 Air-to-Air kills, lead his wingman to 7 Air-to-Air kills, survived multiple SAM attacks, survived multiple air engagements from SU-25's and MiG-29's, and successfully recovered his F-15C twice. During the two emergency returns, both his F-15C's Hull and Instruments were damaged beyond the point where the aircraft was barely controllable; however, Capt. Davies successfully performed an emergency landing, repaired, rearmed and returned to his CAP. Secondly, while on CAP his F-15C was damaged again but less severe; however, determined to maintain air superiority stayed on-site and was able to shoot down another SU-25.

For meritorious achievement in aerial flight, I award Captain B. Davies with the Air Medal.

01/27/2019 03:54 AM

Brigadier General N. 'Dogs' Summerville