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  1. Operation

    OPORD (click here) Report: (1900) 07:00 PM eastern time. Brief: (1915) 07:15 PM eastern time. Step: (1930) 07:30 PM eastern time. Index NLT (2200) 10:00 PM eastern time.
  2. ACC Training

    Instructors and Students are expected to login to server with all mods updated and TFAR activated. ACC training briefing will begin promptly at 1910EST. Students: Your event is listed below. Your instructor may have more than one flying event this evening, be respectful of your IP's time. Be professional. Be mature. Be prepared. (ACC Pilot Progression Guide, Important Documents, Fixed Wing Academics, Radio Comm Guide) IFS - Introductory Flight Screening: Basic Principles of Flight (Startup, Taxi, Takeoff, Patterns, Touch and Go's) SUPT - Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training SUPT Manual MQT - Mission Qualification Training MQC - Mission Qualification Checkride SP - Student Pilot IP - Instructor Pilot Instructors: If there is a specific SP you wish to fly with, add a comment below. Also, contact your student as early as you can in the week to establish a game plan for the evening. Tower/Ground: LtCol. Müller 1st Fighter Wing Training AB. Milat/ (IFS) AB. Velasco/ (IFS) AB. Odin/ (IFS) AB. Lorion/ (MQT-CSAR) AB. Pluto/ Capt. Knox (SUPT) AB. Matthews/ (MQT-CSAR) AB. Hu/ (IFS) A1C Gonzalez/ LtCol. Müller (ATC) AB. Karnos/ LtCol. Ocelot (CCT) 2Lt. Ken/ Capt. Charles (CAS) 5th SFG Training WOC Doth/MG Summerville (Mission Qualification Checkride-MQC) WOC Ramirez/MG Summerville (Mission Qualification Checkride-MQC) SPC Little/ CPT Rainey (UW Culex) CAND Arryn/ CPT Rainey (UW Culex)
  3. ACC Operation

    ACC Operation
  4. ACC Training

    If you haven't yet, click on the green "GOING" button to the left to sign in. Training Plan: Ruger/Thundy: SUPT (F-16D) Knox/Pluto: IFS (F-16D) Summerville/Hu: IFS (F-16D) Muller/Matthews(83rd): IFS Muller/Lorion(83rd): IFS Charles-ATC CAND Azami: 5th SFG Indoc SGT Ginnetty/CAND Chassie 5th SFG Indoc Battles/Kennett: 160th Fam/Possible Checkride Capt. Stock: 2Feb Operation Prep Lt Col. Ocelot/Maj. Airgood/A1C Gonzalez/Funk: Indoc Capt. Nelson
  5. Discord/Teamspeak Info

    Teamspeak Server: acc.ts.nfoservers.com (When first joining the server, please wait in the Recruitment office and a Recruiter or member will shortly join you to answer any questions you may have.) Discord: https://discord.gg/YA8pwcw (Introduce yourself)
  6. Official ACC Mod Pack

    Updated: 31Jan2019 ACC Mod Pack Add MG. Summerville as a Friend to access the entirety of the Mod Pack. HERE (Sombie)
  7. View All Awards Here. Display of Awards Who Gets and Who Wears Awards Any member of the Air Combat Command can receive an award. Certain awards, when awarded, will be officially recognized in the Awards section of command announcements on the forums. Other awards, specifically time in service awards and awards that are not for extraordinary service will automatically be obtained, and will not receive special recognition. All awards will be tracked by 1st OSS Admin. Only individuals who hold the rank E-2 and above will receive a ribbon rack on their signature on the forums. All other individuals are not authorized to wear a ribbon rack. Who Makes Ribbon Racks All ribbon racks are made, and maintained by 1st OSS Admin. Only these individuals are authorized to edit racks. Anyone who edits their own ribbon rack does so at their own risk. Issuing of Awards Award Recommendations Any Person currently a member of Air Combat Command may recommend an award for someone else. Their recommendation must be submitted through PERSCOM>Operations Center>Personnel Action Request>Award Nomination. Group Commanders and Squadron Commanders will then forward those recommendations to ACC Headquarters. From time to time, when appropriate, ACC Headquarters will designate an award recommendation period where individuals and commands will be encouraged to submit award recommendations for a specific event or time period. Sample Awards Recommendation From: 2LT Boot For: SGT Hardass Award: [Specific Award Name] or "General Award" or "Meritorious Promotion to [Rank]" Reason for Award: Write a specific reason. Remember the more specific you are the better the chance your recommendation will be approved. Awards Selection Once ACC Headquarters has received an award recommendation or a series of award recommendations, they shall meet and deliberate the award recommendations. Then ACC Headquarters may deny, concur or alter an award if approved. ACC Headquarters will not be obligated to provide reasons for its denial or acceptance of award recommendations, but may respond to direct inquiry if it feels it is appropriate. Types of Awards Extraordinary Service Medals Extraordinary Service Medals are awarded to members of the unit who go above and beyond what is asked of them. Their actions generally leave a mark on the units’ policy or procedures. (Medal of Honor thru Defense Meritorious Service Medal) Extraordinary Service to the Daily Operations of the Unit Medals Extraordinary Service to the Daily Operations of the Unit Medals are awarded to members of the unit who go above and beyond what is asked of them. These individuals donate hours of their free time every week to keep the unit running. (Meritorious Service Medal) Individual Performance Awards Individual Performance Awards are awarded to those who go above and beyond what is asked of them. These individuals are always professional, and experts in their fields. National Defense Awards National Defense Awards are awarded to individuals who participate in unit combat operations. These also include specific campaign medals. Time in Service Awards Time in service awards are awarded to individuals of the unit who have completed a certain amount of time of service to the unit. Unit Awards Unit awards are awarded to any sized element in the unit, for meritorious out outstanding service above their peers. Joint Service Awards Joint Service Awards are awarded to members of the unit who participate in joint operations with other ArmA Units.
  8. Operations

    ACC Official Operation