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  1. Welcome to Air Combat Command

    Welcome to Air Combat Command! We operate eight Fighter Squadrons and an Army Special Forces Group, the units are listed below: 5th SFG, ODA Special Forces Detachment 24th Special Tactics Squadron, the guys on the ground who call in airstrikes for all of our supporting aircraft. 48th Rescue Squadron, Operating Pedro, our PJ HH-60G, HH-47G 107th Fighter Squadron, Flying the A-10C 421st Fighter Squadron, Flying the F-16C 194th Fighter Squadron, Flying the F-15C 149th Fighter Squadron, Flying the F-22A 966th Air Control Squadron, Flying AWACS and KC-135 Air Combat Command is a REALISM unit. If you are looking to mess around this unit is not for you. We have some of the highest standards in which we hold our pilots to. Our senior members either have Real-life flight experience, or extensive simulator experience. We do it by the book. Joysticks/ flight controls are not required but are highly recommended. 90% of keyboard and mouse aviators wash out of our flight program. Furthermore, our selection process takes multiple hours and may not be completed in one day. Our selection process begins with an application on this website and a one on one interview where we talk all about you. We want to know who we are flying with, we want to make sure you will fit into the group of A-type personalities. Next we move on to the knowledge part of the selection process. We will ask standard questions pertaining to aircraft avionics, systems, weapons and other important aspects of aviation that apply to Arma 3. Finally, the practical portion of the selection process, this can be compared to a private pilot checkride. Takeoffs and landings, altitude and heading changes and holds, turns around a point, formation flying, and general smoothness of control. This last process could take 30 minutes, or 2 hours. At this point, the recruiter and another qualified pilot will make a decision, and either offer you a position as a pilot or recommend a retest or rejection. All members in this unit are expected to respect each other, Including other units and guests. ranks DO matter here. You are a top tier aviator, flying with the best of the best. Integrity and honesty go a long way here. Be about it. If we have not scared you away, please talk to an ACC member about joining, or complete an application by clicking on the Enlistment Center tab at the top of the page. Brig Gen. J. ‘Dogs’ Summerville We have been operating in Arma 3 since 2014 and under ACC since mid 2016.