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Team Restructuring

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Thank you all for your input on the unit and your helpfulness throughout our hard times. First off I would like to say this unit means a lot to me and I'm glad you all came together and helped me attempt to iron out some issues with the unit.
All of the changes that are being brought forward are from your suggestions and from what we have observed throughout the 1st FW and 5th SFG. These changes are not final and I expect some aspects of these changes to be either adjusted or removed completely.


1. 5th SFG is transitioning to become the 75th Ranger Regiment. This will create an environment more suited to allow all infantry to work together on Air Force and Army sides in terms of rank and structure.


2. 83rd RQS will disband. It has become obvious that the 83rd is an extra step to medical that does not quite work in our high speed environment, so we will change accordingly. members of the 83rd will have the option to transfer to any infantry squadron laterally, be it 75th RR or 24th STS.


3. 492nd Fighter Squadron is transitioning to the 18th Aggressor Squadron. Knox will retain leadership of this squadron. The primary mission of the 18th is to provide adequate training for all squadrons in air to air combat, along with filling in where needed during operations including flying as RED AIR during operations for a more dynamic operation flow.


4. Unit wide rank reduction. ACC has been around for a long time and it shows, our ranks have become out of hand and being originally an all officer unit we have a lot of chiefs here. rank reduction for 1st FW and 75RR is as follows: Summerville - Brig. Gen., Ruger - Col., Mitch - Capt., Sloth - Maj.(sorry sloth), Ocelot - Capt., Airgood - 1st Lt., Battles - Cpt., Ginetty - 1st Lt., Nelson - 1st LT,. Paragon - 1SG. if you have anything you'd like to add, discuss, or change please communicate that below.

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